About us

About us

Quintessence is a retail gift business, trading since 2001.  The business was originally a high-street concern, trading in Wellington Way, Waterlooville, Hampshire, owned and operated by the husband and wife partnership, Peter and Jenny Gorman.

An on-line offshoot was opened in 2010.  For some time we couldn't develop this aspect to its full potential because our primary focus always had to be on the bricks-and-mortar store.  However, in mid-2011, we took the decision to concentrate our efforts into the on-line aspects of the business and so, in February 2012, we closed down the high-street shop.


Our bricks and mortar store stocked a wide range of products from all of the leading giftware houses in the UK and the wider EU.  As time goes on we will develop the on-line store to cover most of these brands.  Initially, however, we are concentrating on a few flagship brands and a smaller number of product types.

Steiff Bears have always been one of our more successful ranges and we intend to expand our offering of this world-famous brand.

Leonardo giftware was always the most popular across-the-board brand in our high-street shop, offering excellent value-for-money gifts for all occasions.  We will continue to maintain a wide range of Leonardo stock.

Over the years, Willow Tree has gained a loyal following of customers who return to the range time and again for inspiration at each new gift-giving occasion.  Quintessence continues to provide for these customers with a wide selection of pieces from this popular range.

In our high-street store the most enduringly popular product type was giftware for babies and baby-related occasions – births, birthdays, Christenings etc.  We never had enough room to stock and display as much as we would have liked.  The on-line store gives us greater opportunity to offer a wide range of baby gifts to our customers.